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    Masurian Landscape Park Heroes: Rescuing Amphibians from Road Hazards

    In the Warmian-Masurian region, the dedicated staff of the Masurian Landscape Park are on a mission to save amphibians at risk. These conservationists actively capture frogs along the roads, safely transporting them to the other side to prevent tragic encounters with vehicles. Environmental experts emphasize the critical importance of each rescued amphibian, as their populations decline due to diminishing groundwater levels.

    To shield these delicate creatures from car wheels, park workers have erected barriers along the road to Krutynia, creating a protective boundary. Twice a day, frogs are carefully captured, counted, and relocated to the opposite side of the road, ensuring their safe journey to water bodies for mating and egg deposition.

    Krzysztof Wittbrodt, the director of Masurian Landscape Park, remarked on the diverse amphibian species in the area, including lowland newts, crested newts, and tree frogs. Unfortunately, the amphibian population is dwindling each year. Wittbrodt shared with PAP that in 2020, 4,200 frogs were moved across roads, but the numbers dropped to 1,800 two years later, and a mere 664 were rescued last year, underscoring the urgency of amphibian conservation.

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