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    Match between Poland and Mexico in Qatar tomorrow

    Poland’s national football team will play tomorrow for the second time at the World Cup against Mexico. 

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    Coach Czeslaw Michniewicz during the press conference admitted that he already knows in what lineup the Polish national football team will play tomorrow’s match against Mexico. 

    “All the players are at my disposal. We are confident about the lineup we will play. Tonight, at the briefing the players will find out. I want them to have a clear mind and know who is playing. So that they can already focus on the performance itself,” the coach said during Monday’s press conference at the FIFA media centre.

    “I believe in the team. I believe in the staff, and that gives me confidence. I am convinced that we will write a beautiful page in the history of Polish football. And that I will also have a part in it,” Michniewicz added.

    The Poland-Mexico match at the World Cup will be on Tuesday (Nov 22). At this time, fans will already know the outcome of the duel between Argentina and Saudi Arabia. They play six hours earlier. The referee for the first match of the Poles at the Qatar World Cup will be Australian Chris Beath.  

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