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    Medieval Magic at Czocha Castle: Knights’ Fortress Festival

    From Thursday onwards, Czocha Castle has been bustling with activity as the Knights’ Fortress Festival takes over. Tourists are invited to step into the medieval era, tasting knightly dishes and exploring the historical nooks and crannies of the fortress. Regularly held thematic festivals at Czocha Castle continue to attract throngs of visitors, enchanted by the opportunity to immerse themselves in history.

    A Journey Through History

    “The guests are eager for historical tidbits and tales of mystery,” says Jarosław Kuczyński, director of Czocha Castle. In just one day, visitors can learn about daily life in the Middle Ages. The fortress is not only a history lesson for the youngest but also a living experience for all. Małgorzata Grabowska, co-organizer of the festival, explains, “The best learning is through practice and fun.”

    A special route has been crafted for tourists, leading through all the castle’s discovered secret passages. Historical documents suggest there may be over 40 such passages. This unique exploration offers a rare glimpse into the castle’s clandestine corridors, adding an air of intrigue and adventure to the visit.

    The Knights’ Fortress Festival will conclude on Saturday evening, with organizers expecting up to 30,000 tourists. This medieval extravaganza not only educates but entertains, providing a vibrant and engaging way to experience history.

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