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    Michał Adamczyk Appointed as President of TVP by National Media Council

    Michał Adamczyk has been appointed as the President of the Management Board of Telewizja Polska (TVP) by the National Media Council. His nomination comes as a consequence of Mateusz Matyszkowicz’s resignation and the temporary appointment of Maciej Łopiński as president.

    In his initial statement, Adamczyk acknowledged the challenging conditions ahead but expressed his determination to act swiftly, promising to utilize all his efforts to restore corporate order. “I’ve been appointed to the position of TVP President. Conditions are tough, but we will act, and I promise to do everything in my power to restore corporate order. That’s all for the introduction; I’m getting back to work,” Adamczyk conveyed.

    Adamczyk, previously serving as the director of the Telewizyjna Agencja Informacyjna, has a history of roles within TVP, including hosting duties for “Wiadomości” (The News).

    The appointment signals a significant shift in TVP’s leadership, with Adamczyk stepping into a crucial role amid organizational changes. His past experience within the television network positions him well to navigate the challenges that lie ahead in restoring stability and advancing the broadcaster’s agenda.

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