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    Michelin to Close Truck Tire Plant in Olsztyn, Production Moves to Romania

    In a move that has sparked concern across Poland, Michelin has announced plans to shut down its truck tire manufacturing facility in Olsztyn, leading to significant job reshuffles and relocations. This decision adds to a series of industrial shifts that have seen various multinational companies reduce their manufacturing footprints in Poland.

    Over the past weeks, the Polish public has been hit with continuous news of layoffs and factory closures. Now, Michelin Poland, a key employer in the region of Warmia and Mazury, is set to discontinue its truck tire department, impacting around 500 employees. Local sources report that the production line will be relocated to Romania, where manufacturing costs are presumably lower.

    This closure is part of a broader trend where multinational corporations, including FCA Powertrain, Levi Strauss, Nokia, and TE Connectivity, have announced workforce reductions in Poland. Such moves have affected thousands and have been felt across various sectors, even in IT—a sector previously regarded as robust and dynamic.

    The planned shutdown of Michelin’s truck tire facility has raised alarms not only because of the immediate job losses but also because of its potential long-term impact on the regional economy. The Olsztyn plant, which currently employs about 5,000 people, is among the largest in the area.

    Michelin’s spokesperson, Piotr Staszałek, commented on the closure, attributing the shift in part to competition from cheaper tire imports from the Far East. He noted that the truck tire market has become increasingly challenging, prompting the company to seek more economically viable production solutions.

    Local news outlet reported that the employees affected by the closure are expected to be transferred to other departments within Michelin Poland or receive satisfactory severance packages. However, the exact details of these arrangements remain under discussion, with official communications suggesting that the tire department will cease operations by the end of 2024.

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