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    Military Police Probes Defense Budget Leak to TV Republika

    This morning, TV Republika revealed a document indicating that the Ministry of National Defense (MON) plans to cut defense spending by 25% (approximately 57 billion PLN) over the years 2025-2028. Initially, government officials denied the document’s authenticity, only to later admit it had indeed been sent. Former Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak confirmed its legitimacy in the Sejm, accusing the government of attempting to obscure the facts.

    In a surprising turn, the Military Police have launched an investigation at the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces to determine the source of the leak. TV Republika’s Danuta Holecka reported this development, which was corroborated by Piotr Nisztor.

    The investigation seeks to uncover who was responsible for the leak to TV Republika, signaling the serious repercussions of the disclosure and the government’s effort to control sensitive information. The inquiry continues as the nation watches closely.

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