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    Minister of Culture and National Heritage Prof. Gliński in Łódź

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    During the #ŁódźPrzyszłości Congress celebrating Łódź’s 600th birthday, Professor Piotr Gliński, Minister of Culture and National Heritage, emphasized the importance of shaping a modern, dynamic, and entrepreneurial future for the city.

    He urged for a comfortable living environment that attracts young people while staying rooted in the city’s rich heritage and potential. The event featured discussions on “Culture of the Future” and showcased commemorative stamps and coins by Polish institutions.

    Minister Gliński stressed the significance of discussing the city’s future, keeping in mind the contributions of past generations. Łódź’s vibrant cultural development was highlighted, with the city successfully completing ten European projects, surpassing other large Polish cities. The government’s commitment to supporting cultural institutions was evident, with an increase in funding for heritage preservation and various cultural programs.

    The minister reaffirmed the government’s support for all cultural institutions and art schools in Łódź, while announcing plans to incorporate more establishments under the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Notably, the historic State Music School will now be managed by the ministry. Furthermore, Minister Gliński emphasized the need for bold visions, proposing the establishment of a third Creative Industries Center to leverage the city’s film potential, design center, and textile heritage.

    During the “Culture of the Future” panel, Minister Gliński highlighted culture’s intrinsic role in society, shaping communities, and contributing to economic development. He cited examples of culture’s impact in challenging times and emphasized its power in inspiring national unity and heroism. The minister recognized Poland’s resilience through its cultural expressions, enabling the nation to withstand adversities.

    As Łódź looks to the future, embracing its rich heritage and investing in culture becomes instrumental in fostering a thriving and dynamic city. Minister Gliński’s vision for a modern, innovative, yet tradition-rich Łódź sets the stage for a bright and promising future for the city and Poland as a whole.

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