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    Minister of National Defense Claims Lack of Communication Regarding Military Object in Polish Airspace

    Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, has revealed that an unidentified object entered Polish airspace in late April and was discovered in a forest near Bydgoszcz. While suspicions have been raised that the object could be a foreign missile, its origins still remain a mystery.

    During a press conference, Błaszczak stated that the Operational Commander had failed to inform him about the object’s entry into Polish airspace. He went on to explain that the Air Operations Centre received information from the Ukrainian side on December 16th about an object approaching Polish airspace, which may have been a rocket. However, the Operational Commander failed to carry out their duties by not informing the Minister or other relevant services associated with the procedures.

    Despite this lack of communication, the Air Operations Centre immediately established cooperation with the Ukrainian and American side, launching proper procedures for allied cooperation. Combat readiness was raised, and both Polish and American planes were launched. The object was recorded by Polish ground radar stations, and the findings of the inspection indicate that the operations of the Air Operations Centre were carried out correctly.

    Błaszczak stressed that the Air Operations Centre had informed its commander “about an unidentified object that appeared in Polish airspace,” but that this information had not been passed on to the Minister or other relevant services. The Minister emphasized the need for proper communication in these situations and urged for better coordination in the future.


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