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    Morawiecki Calls for Defense of Free Speech at Free Poles’ Protest

    On the 11th of January at 4 p.m., a call to action resonated through Poland as Mateusz Morawiecki urged citizens to join the “Free Poles’ Protest.” The message was clear: defend the freedom of expression and thought, a fundamental right that lies at the heart of democracy.

    In a recent appearance on Telewizja Republika’s “Evening Conversation” program, former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki championed the cause for free speech. He lauded the station as an oasis safeguarding the freedom of expression.

    “In the times of my governance, there were three major television stations where one could encounter vastly divergent views on any given issue,” Morawiecki reflected. “However, now Tusk aims to orchestrate a uniform narrative across all television channels and online platforms.”

    Morawiecki’s concern over the potential homogenization of media viewpoints was palpable as he highlighted the importance of a diverse media landscape in fostering healthy discourse.

    Inviting viewers to participate in the Free Poles’ Protest, organized by the Law and Justice party on January 11th in Warsaw, Morawiecki emphasized the significance of this gathering.

    “At 4 p.m. on January 11th, around the Sejm, we assemble to fight for the freedom of speech. As the poet said, the freedom of thought is priceless,” Morawiecki reiterated, citing a poignant verse by Jerzy Narbut.

    The call to action by Morawiecki underscores the ongoing debate surrounding media plurality and the right to express diverse perspectives. The event on January 11th represents a pivotal moment for individuals to voice their support for an open, pluralistic society.

    However, amidst this rallying cry for free speech, the tensions between differing ideological stances within Poland’s media landscape remain a central point of contention. Critics argue that the consolidation of media narratives risks stifling dissenting voices and limiting the democratic exchange of ideas.

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