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    More Than 250 Polish Citizens Safely Returned from Israel

    In a swift response to the devastating Hamas attack in Israel, the Polish government mobilized three military aircraft to evacuate Polish citizens caught in the crossfire. The attack, launched by the militant Palestinian group Hamas, resulted in the tragic loss of hundreds of Israeli lives.

    According to Piotr Mueller, the Polish government spokesman, a total of 268 Polish citizens were successfully evacuated from Israel. The evacuees were transported back to Warsaw on military aircraft, marking a crucial mission amid the escalating conflict.

    During an interview with Radio Gdansk on Monday, Mueller revealed that additional support and aid for those affected would be organized in the coming days. He emphasized that the situation in Israel was under continuous surveillance, and the Polish embassy was actively receiving applications from concerned individuals.

    “Applications to our embassy are being received on an ongoing basis,” Mueller stated. “People who are interested in taking advantage of the support are applying to diplomatic offices. The number of Poles there will depend on the reported needs.”

    The evacuation operation commenced on Sunday afternoon when two Hercules aircraft were dispatched to Tel Aviv by Poland’s Defence Ministry. These military planes, specially equipped for such critical missions, played a pivotal role in ensuring the safe return of Polish citizens amid the escalating hostilities.

    The first batch of evacuees arrived in Warsaw at 05:15 on Monday morning, with two more aircraft following shortly after. Among the evacuees was a diverse group of Polish nationals, all brought back home due to the coordinated efforts of the Polish military and diplomatic services.

    Additionally, a Polish Air Force Boeing 737, typically used for VIP transport, was utilized in the evacuation efforts. This aircraft had already completed one successful evacuation flight from Israel and had returned to Tel Aviv to further assist in the evacuation process.

    As the situation in the region remains tense, Poland reaffirms its commitment to supporting its citizens and stands ready to extend additional assistance if required. The government’s rapid and well-coordinated response underscores its dedication to the safety and well-being of its people in times of crisis.


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