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    Mountain Rescue Operation Saves Injured Polish Tourist

    In a daring afternoon rescue operation, the Mountain Rescue Service (HZS) responded to a distress call involving a 50-year-old Polish tourist who had suffered a severe leg injury after falling along the ridge between Chata pod Borišovom and Ploska, down the icy slope of Studený úplaz.

    Coordination and Assistance

    Upon receiving the call for help, the HZS swiftly collaborated with the Air Rescue Service from Banská Bystrica. The rescue team, along with a paramedic from HZS, boarded a helicopter after a brief stop at Donovaly.

    Medical Evaluation and Evacuation

    Upon reaching the site, the injured tourist was assessed, treated, and stabilized with the injured limb immobilized for airlifting. Subsequently, the victim was airlifted to a nearby medical facility for further evaluation and treatment.

    Winter Safety Advisory

    HZS issues a vital reminder to all mountain visitors regarding the persistent winter conditions at higher altitudes. Proper winter gear remains essential for safe traversal across icy terrains.

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