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    Museum of WWII in Gdańsk Revamps Permanent Exhibition

    The Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk announced the inclusion of Father Maksymilian Kolbe and the Ulm family in its permanent exhibition. The decision responds to a genuine social demand to honor these figures. Their stories will be presented with dignity, accuracy, and adherence to the latest research. The museum assured that past inaccuracies and errors will not be repeated.

    Commitment to Historical Accuracy

    Contrary to recent claims, the museum confirmed that Witold Pilecki remains part of the exhibition. Alongside less known figures introduced in the 2017 narrative, well-known heroes like Elżbieta Zawacka “Zo,” Jan Piwnik “Ponury,” and Witold Pilecki continue to be featured.

    The current museum administration reinstated the original 2017 concept. Former director Karol Nawrocki’s modifications were seen by the exhibit’s authors as distortions of its intended message. Removal of the Ulm family and Father Kolbe sparked criticism from politicians and historians alike.

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