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    Naked Black Woman Shocks Park Visitors in Wroclaw

    Last weekend in Tolpa Park in Wroclaw, a strange incident occurred that was recorded by a local resident. The footage showed a black woman running around naked, screaming, diving into the lake, stalking pedestrians, and evading police officers.

    On Easter weekend, a shocking incident occurred in Stanislaw Tolpa Park in Wroclaw. Witnesses reported seeing a black woman, completely naked, shouting and accosting onlookers. One of the walkers captured video of the woman fleeing from a police officer attempting to intervene. The officer eventually apprehended the woman, who was screaming in distress.

    Police officers confirm that they received a report on 9 April at 5.15 p.m. The first reports concerned a woman who was standing on the window ledge in one of the tenement houses and tried to jump down from it. Subsequent reports already concerned a black woman running naked through the streets and park.

    “She was seen, among others, on Edith Stein Street and in Stanislaw Tolpa Park, where she was bathing in a pond. Officers arriving at the scene apprehended the woman, to whom the ambulance service was called. She was a 27-year-old national of an African country. She was transported, assisted by the police, to one of Wrocław’s hospitals,” said senior aspirant Aleksandra Freus of the Wrocław Police Station in an interview with Gazeta Wroclawska.

    “The woman did not commit any crime and posed the greatest danger to herself. No action is being taken against her, so the hospital has carried out tests on its own,” added senior aspirant Freus.

    It is not known whether she was under the influence of intoxicants or drugs.

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