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    Natalia Padilla-Bidas Joins Bayern Munich and Moves to 1.FC Köln on Loan

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    Natalia Padilla-Bidas, the Polish national team player, has embarked on a remarkable journey, transitioning from Servette FC to Bayern Munich. The talented winger sealed a three-year contract with the prestigious European club, elevating her career to new heights.

    Following her signing with Bayern Munich, Padilla-Bidas will spend the upcoming season on loan at 1.FC Köln. This strategic move is akin to the path previously taken by Weronika Zawistowska, who also joined Bayern before being loaned to Köln.

    During her tenure at Servette Genewa, Padilla-Bidas showcased her prowess by claiming the Swiss Cup and achieving two league runner-up titles. Her scoring prowess was exceptional, jointly clinching the top scorer title in the Swiss Super League with 26 goals in 26 matches alongside Fabienne Humm.

    Joining the Polish Contingent at Bayern

    Padilla-Bidas becomes the second Polish player in Bayern’s ranks, following in the footsteps of Weronika Zawistowska. This move reunites her with her national team colleagues, Adriana Achcińska and Martyna Wiankowska, who are already at Köln.

    Bayern’s Technical Director for Women’s Football, Francisco De Sa Fardilha, believes Padilla-Bidas will become a prominent striker in the Frauen-Bundesliga. The loan to Köln is expected to facilitate a smooth transition to her new environment.

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