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    NATO Jets Intercept Russian Aircraft North of Poland

    NATO’s Allied Air Command (AIRCOM) has released footage showcasing the interception of a Russian An-72 transport aircraft by French Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets. The incident, which took place over international waters north of Poland, underscores the ongoing tensions and military surveillance activities in the Baltic region.

    The video, made public by AIRCOM, captures the moment two French Mirage 2000-5 jets encountered the Russian aircraft. Initially, the French pilots intercepted two Russian Su-30-M fighter jets over the Baltic Sea. Following this successful operation, they were redirected to intercept the Russian An-72, further demonstrating NATO’s commitment to securing its member states’ airspace and maintaining peace in the region.

    NATO’s Allied Air Command has not reported any conflict arising from this particular interception, indicating that the encounter was conducted following international law over international waters. However, the incident adds to similar encounters, underscoring the ongoing need for vigilance.

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