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    Netflix to remake legendary Polish film “Znachor”

    Netflix has stirred up a commotion by declaring that it is developing a remake of one of the most renowned movies in the history of Polish film. Znachor (The Quack), based on Jerzy Hoffman’s film of the same name, has been highly cherished by Poles since its launch in 1982.

    Netflix hinted at the likely judgement of the remake they are releasing on their Facebook page: “Ladies and gentlemen, Your Honour, this is Leszek Lichota as Rafal Wilczur. Znachor is coming to Netflix in the second half of the year.”

    Both movies are based on Tadeusz Dolęga-Mostowicz’s renowned novel from 1937 that follows the destiny of Professor Rafal Wilczur, a well-known surgeon. 

    The plot of the film

    His wife and daughter leave him and he is attacked, resulting in him losing his memory. He then moves to a small village, changes his name, and becomes famous when he carries out a successful operation on the miller’s son. People in the village start to view him as a kind of rural healer known as a ‘Znachor’.

    Years down the line, he reunites with his daughter in an incredibly emotional sequence that is one of the most memorable scenes from Polish film. This movie has become a holiday staple for Poles, so much so that it’s hard for them to think of All Saints’ Day or Christmas without it on TV. 

    The character of Wilczur’s daughter Marysia, portrayed by Anna Dymna in Hoffman’s movie, will be taken on by Maria Kowalska in the new version of Znachor, her first starring role. Meanwhile, Ignacy Liss will play Count Czyński, a role that was famously played by Tomasz Stockinger in the original film.

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