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    New Deportation Center Near Polish Border

    A new deportation center for rejected asylum seekers may soon be established in Kuestrin-Kietz, Brandenburg, adjacent to Poland’s Kostrzyn. The German portal DW reports that over 48,000 asylum seekers are awaiting immediate deportation in Germany, often for years. The proposed facility aims to accelerate this process.

    The center is planned for a 120-hectare island on the Oder River, historically used by Prussian and Soviet military forces. The area, which includes decaying barracks under heritage protection and nature reserves, remains largely undeveloped due to leftover munitions. The project would use a small part of the land to host a container village for 250 foreigners awaiting deportation.

    Local and Cross-Border Concerns

    Residents of Kuestrin-Kietz and the nearby Polish town of Kostrzyn have expressed apprehensions about the center. They fear increased border crossings and tighter controls. Kostrzyn’s Mayor Andrzej Kunt acknowledged Germany’s right to manage its affairs but echoed local concerns about potential border security issues.

    The decision on the center’s location will be made in a few months, with locals on both sides of the border hoping for a considerate resolution.

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