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    New Record Set for Sugar Beet Yield in Poland: 137.25 t/ha at 16% Polarity

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    In a remarkable agricultural achievement, a new record for sugar beet yield in Poland was established at 137.25 tons per hectare (t/ha) with a polarity of 16%. This record was set on October 28, 2023, in the Galas family’s agricultural estate, with the assistance of an independent judge from the Records Bureau. The achievement was made possible through tailored farming practices under the “Idę po Rekord” program by Chemirol Group.

    Challenging Conditions:

    The sugar beet cultivation season faced challenging conditions in 2023 due to heavy rainfall and low temperatures in March. Additionally, a high presence of beet weevils across the country added to the challenges. However, the Galas family, longtime collaborators with Chemirol, overcame these obstacles by participating in the “Idę po Rekord” program, effectively managing diseases and pests through recommended techniques.

    Innovative Solutions:

    The success can be attributed to innovative agricultural technologies provided by Innvigo sp. z o.o., a company with a strong European presence. Their products, along with PUH “Chemirol” sp. z o.o.’s proprietary offerings, were used to optimize plant nutrition and protection. Notably, the BlueN® treatment ensured consistent nitrogen supply to the plants throughout their growth.

    A Family Tradition:

    Przemysław Galas, the owner of the estate, expressed his satisfaction with achieving the record, especially in such a demanding season. Sugar beet cultivation is a family tradition, passed down from his grandfather to his father and now to him. His farm covers 250 hectares, with plans to increase sugar beet cultivation from 40 to 60 hectares next year.

    The “Idę po Rekord” Program:

    The “Idę po Rekord” advisory program, in existence for over two years, has gained the trust of an increasing number of farmers. It offers free access to proprietary methods for maximizing agricultural production in crops such as rapeseed, wheat, corn, and sugar beet.

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