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    New Regulations in Poland Restrict the Sale of Energy Drinks to Minors

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    Starting January 1, 2024, Poland has implemented a ban on the sale of energy drinks, containing taurine or caffeine, to individuals below 18 years old. The legislation, amended on August 17, 2023, aims to protect minors by prohibiting the sale of these beverages in schools, educational institutions, and vending machines.

    Defining Energy Drinks

    The law specifies that a beverage with caffeine exceeding 150 mg/l or containing taurine, excluding naturally occurring substances, is classified as an energy drink. Manufacturers or importers must label the packaging with a visible, readable, and non-removable indication stating “Energy Drink.”

    Enforcement and Penalties

    Selling energy drinks to those below 18 may result in fines of up to 2,000 PLN. The regulation underscores the responsibility of producers and importers to ensure compliance, emphasizing the need for clear product labeling.

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