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    Niagara Falls Shines in Polish National Colors

    Celebrating Polish Heritage Month in Ontario, Canada, the iconic Niagara Falls dazzled in white and red.

    In an initiative by the Consulate in Toronto, the world-renowned Niagara Falls illuminated in the colors of the Polish flag, marking the commencement of Polish Heritage Month in Ontario, Canada. On May 2nd, the falls, one of the most recognizable natural symbols globally, gleamed in white and red, visible from both the Canadian and American sides. This stunning display of light and water has become a tradition, reminiscent of significant events like the anniversary of the founding of the Solidarity trade union.

    A Symbolic Gesture

    With over a million Polish Canadians, of which over 600,000 reside in Ontario, the Flag Day celebrations hold profound significance. The American Polonia also joins in, organizing white and red events in Buffalo, New York, underscoring the shared cultural heritage across borders.

    For the first time in history, a white and red flag was hoisted in front of the Canadian Parliament.

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