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    NINIWA Team’s Epic Journey: Biking from Poland to Portugal for World Youth Day

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    Three weeks of relentless cycling brought the NINIWA Team from Kokotek, Poland, to the borders of Portugal. They sacrificed their Sunday rest, pedaling an additional 200 kilometers to cross into their final destination. The ultimate challenge lies ahead: a 350-kilometer race to Lisbon in just two days, aiming to meet Pope Francis and global youth at World Youth Day.

    Traversing Western Europe, the team confronted scorching heat, steep inclines, and mechanical mishaps. Despite setbacks, their spirits remained unbroken. Vibrant moments dotted their journey, like the unexpected Fêtes de Bayonne festival in France, where locals celebrated their passage. The sight of the vast ocean enthralled first-time ocean viewers among them.

    Heartwarming Welcomes and Media Spotlight

    Entering Spanish villages, applause and cheers greeted the cyclists, possibly stemming from their televised heroism the day before. With over 3,500 kilometers ahead, including the daunting Alps and Pyrenees, the 25-member NINIWA Team began their journey on July 10th. Their average daily distance of 170 kilometers lacks vehicular support, with all gear carried on their bikes. Their purposeful toil is dedicated to global youth.

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