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    Official Asserts That Calls for Ethnic and National Hatred Contravene the Law

    A high-ranking official from the Polish Deputy Foreign Ministry has voiced concerns over the lack of response by Warsaw authorities to calls for ethnic and national hatred during a pro-Palestinian gathering that took place in the Polish capital on Saturday.

    The demonstrators held placards with various messages, including one that read, “Keep the world clean,” featuring a wastebasket and an Israeli flag inside. This protest was part of a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Warsaw on the aforementioned Saturday. Additionally, participants carried Palestinian flags and banners advocating for an end to what they described as the “genocide of Palestinians” and supporting a free Palestine.

    Paweł Jabłoński, responding to the banner displaying the Israeli flag inside a wastebasket, expressed his strong disapproval, stating that such messages calling for ethnic and national hatred are in violation of the law and warrant the dissolution of the gathering.

    Jabłoński laid the responsibility for the lack of response on the shoulders of Warsaw’s mayor, Rafał Trzaskowski, and the city authorities. He pointed out a disparity in how other gatherings, such as an Independence March or patriotic events, were treated by Warsaw’s authorities, alleging that they were swiftly disbanded under any pretext. He lamented the silence surrounding the recent event.

    The Israeli Ambassador to Poland, Yacov Livne, shared the same photo on social media, highlighting the presence of the police during the march and calling on Polish authorities to prevent manifestations of blatant anti-Semitism.

    In a tweet posted late on Saturday, the Israeli embassy in Poland urged the Polish police and the Medical University of Warsaw, where the person carrying the offensive placard is said to be a student, to take appropriate action. Their message emphasized, “No place for Antisemites!”

    The pro-Palestinian march in Warsaw was one of numerous demonstrations organized in European and global cities, reflecting widespread concern about the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

    According to authorities in Gaza, more than 4,380 people have lost their lives, and over 13,600 have been injured since the war began. In Israel, more than 1,400 individuals lost their lives during a deadly attack by Hamas on October 7, with at least 203 civilians reported as kidnapped.

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