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    Oldest Dog in the World Passes Away: You Won’t Believe How Old Bobi Was

    In the central Portuguese village of Conqueiros, the world’s oldest dog, Bobi, has bid farewell to life. The four-legged companion was over 31 years old, making him the longest-living dog in recorded history. The passing of the beloved pet was confirmed on Monday by his owner, Leonel Costa, through social media.

    Born on May 11, 1992, in the Leiria district, Bobi had been battling various health issues for some time. The faithful animal breathed his last on Sunday. Bobi, a Guinness World Record holder, had experienced declining health in recent years, as Costa explained. In 2018, the dog suffered a stroke, but despite the ailment, he continued to move around independently.

    Leonel Costa, who threw a birthday party for his furry companion in May, emphasizing that the celebration cost him over 1000 euros, highlighted that Bobi was an exceptional dog not only because of his remarkable age.

    According to veterinarians who examined Bobi in recent years, the secret to his longevity might have been his peaceful life in the countryside and his diet of healthy, preservative-free, synthetic-free, and spice-free food. “Bobi wasn’t picky. He ate many meals that my family consumed. The only dish he couldn’t stand was… spaghetti Bolognese,” Costa added.


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