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    Orlen Acquires 267 Petrol Stations in Austria, Becomes Third Largest Retail Group in the Austrian Fuel Market

    In a significant move to strengthen its position in the European fuel market, Orlen, the Polish oil and gas company, has successfully acquired 267 petrol stations in Austria under the Turmöl brand. This strategic acquisition has propelled Orlen to become the third-largest retail group in the Austrian fuel market, according to the announcement made by Orlen’s President, Daniel Obajtek.

    Obajtek highlighted that the transaction’s value is confidential but assured investors that it promises a favorable return on investment. The acquired petrol stations will undergo integration into the Orlen group and subsequent modernization, with rebranding being a consideration for the future.

    “We have acquired 267 petrol stations from the Austrian company Turmöl, making us the third-largest retail group in terms of market share. The transaction’s value is confidential, but I can assure investors that it provides a good return on investment,” stated Orlen’s CEO Daniel Obajtek.

    Entering the Austrian market not only expands Orlen’s presence in the retail sector but also establishes a foothold in wholesale distribution. Orlen now commands over 10% market share in Austria, a strategically optimal size for logistical efficiency. The acquisition also includes a significant share of the wholesale fuel market, coupled with the proximity of Orlen’s refinery assets in the Czech Republic, enhancing logistics optimization and ensuring supply stability to the petrol stations.

    “The Austrian market entry significantly strengthens our position. We are not only entering the retail sector but also the wholesale sector. With over 10% market share in Austria, it is an optimal size from a logistical standpoint. The transaction also includes a significant portion of the wholesale fuel market. This, coupled with the proximity of our refinery assets in the Czech Republic, will optimize logistics and guarantee stable fuel supplies to the stations,” explained Obajtek.

    President Daniel Obajtek revealed that the Austrian fuel stations will initially operate under the well-established Turmöl brand. However, they will undergo a systematic adaptation to meet Orlen’s standards.

    “At present, our priority is to integrate the new company into the capital group, modernize the network, and any potential rebranding is a future consideration. The format of each station will depend on its traffic and economic considerations,” he added.

    Regarding rebranding, Obajtek emphasized a cautious approach, stating, “In Austria, rebranding will be preceded by an analysis of the recognition of our brand in this country, market research. We are focusing on evolution rather than revolution.”

    Approximately 45% of the acquired Orlen stations in Austria operate in the popular self-service format. Over 130 stations offer shopping facilities, and around 80 provide gastronomic services. Additionally, 25 stations are equipped with photovoltaic panels.

    The acquired network also includes Doppler Energie GmbH, the operator of the Turmöl brand fuel stations, which offers a network of electric vehicle charging stations under the Turmstrom brand, featuring 35 charging points at 29 locations.

    Austria marks the seventh country where Orlen conducts retail operations. The company is already present in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and, under Obajtek’s leadership, expanded into the Slovak, Hungarian, and now Austrian markets.

    “On each of these seven markets, we achieve positive results,” affirmed President Obajtek.

    As part of Orlen’s strategic vision for 2030, the company aims to operate at least 3,500 petrol stations globally. The acquisition in Austria aligns with Orlen’s ambitious growth plans and reinforces its position as a key player in the European fuel industry.

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