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    Orlen Boosts Production Capacity with New Installation in Czech Republic

    Orlen has launched a new installation worth nearly PLN 40 million at its Czech plant, Orlen Unipetrol. This investment will enhance the production of dust-free blends, crucial for the manufacture of polyethylene and polypropylene. The new facility, capable of producing approximately 3,000 tons of specialized blends annually, will increase production capacity sevenfold.

    Enhanced Self-Sufficiency

    The new installation will ensure full coverage of Orlen’s internal demand for these products, reducing reliance on external suppliers. Additionally, it will improve the quality of products available on the market, such as HDPE LITEN and PP MOSTEN. HDPE LITEN, known for its high chemical resistance, is used in industrial components and construction elements. PP MOSTEN, valued for its abrasion resistance, is utilized in the automotive industry.

    The project was developed in collaboration with the Orlen Polymer Institute Brno, specializing in formulating enhancing additives for plastic products. Orlen Unipetrol, a part of the Orlen Group, is involved in oil refining and the production, distribution, and sale of fuels and petrochemical products, particularly plastics and fertilizers, in the Czech Republic and Central Europe.

    Orlen’s Strategic Vision

    Orlen is a multi-energy corporation with refineries in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania, and a network of fuel stations in Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria. The company plans to invest over PLN 320 billion by 2030, with PLN 38.6 billion allocated for investments this year, including PLN 6.2 billion in the petrochemical segment.

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