Orlen’s Long-Term Fuel Price Stability Amidst Geopolitical Uncertainties

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Poland’s leading energy company, Orlen, reaffirmed its commitment to a long-term pricing strategy that prioritizes stability in the face of global geopolitical uncertainties. In a recent statement, Orlen’s CEO, Daniel Obajtek, assured customers that there would be no immediate fuel price hikes in the coming weeks, despite recent events in Israel.

Diversified Supply and Strong Negotiating Power

Obajtek emphasized that Orlen’s robust and diversified supply chain, backed by long-term contracts and strengthened trading capabilities, positions the company to maintain its current pricing approach. Recent mergers have bolstered Orlen’s negotiating power and resilience, making it less vulnerable to market fluctuations than in the past.

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While acknowledging the recent uptick in global oil prices due to the Israel conflict, Obajtek underscored Orlen’s commitment to price stabilization. He explained that Orlen continuously monitors market conditions and is prepared to respond to unforeseen macroeconomic events. However, barring unexpected developments, fuel prices are expected to remain unchanged.

Debunking Political Speculation

Addressing political speculation about potential fuel price increases after parliamentary elections in October, Orlen’s CEO dismissed such claims as politically motivated attempts to sow panic. He warned that spreading unverified information harms the country’s stability, especially in a time marked by Eastern border tensions and hybrid threats.

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