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    Over 6,000 Wild Boars to be Culled in Three Regions of Poland but Celebrities Remain Silent. Why…?

    In just three regions, provincial governors appointed by Donald Tusk have issued regulations to cull over 6,000 wild boars. Where are the protesting celebrities?

    During the Law and Justice (PiS) administration, celebrities mourned every fallen squirrel and lamented over culled boars. But now, under the coalition government of December 13, celebrities remain silent, despite the commencement of a large-scale wild boar cull. Does the silence of “our authorities” stem from the fact that the cull will be conducted by the “smiling Poland”?

    Regulations regarding the culling of wild boars have been issued by provinces including Lubusz, Kuyavian-Pomeranian, and West Pomeranian – the boars are to be killed by March 2024. “In the Lubusz province, the verdict was passed on 1078 individuals, in West Pomeranian: 4557, and in Lower Silesian – 899. Only these three regulations amount to 6534 beings sentenced to death,” reports “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.”

    While the media reports, celebrities, so “deserving” in defending animals under the PiS rule, remain silent. This has not escaped the notice of internet users. “Remember Maja Ostaszewska protesting loudly against the culling of wild boars a few years ago? Now, with the decisions of new provincial governors, 6,500 will be culled in three northwestern Polish provinces. Will Ostaszewska protest? No, because this cull will be democratic,” sarcastically noted Marcin Palade.

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