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    PERN Responds Swiftly to “Friendship” Pipeline Leak in Chodecz Municipality

    In a prompt and decisive move, PERN services have reached the site of a leak on one of the lines of the western section of the “Friendship” pipeline, situated in the municipality of Chodecz. The affected pipeline, which had been unsealed, is currently undergoing preparations for a comprehensive repair operation.

    The incident came to light on Saturday evening when PERN announced the detection of a leak in the “Friendship” pipeline within the Chodecz municipality. This pipeline, a crucial conduit for transporting oil to Germany, consists of two lines within its western section. In response to the situation, pumping operations were promptly suspended on the damaged line, while the unaffected line continues to function without disruption. PERN has been resolute in affirming that the safety of residents remains paramount and that no imminent threat exists.

    A multi-faceted response has been set into motion, spearheaded by PERN’s dedicated teams. These teams encompass technical experts, operational personnel, the company’s specialized fire department, and specialists in environmental protection and health and safety. With a priority on securing the area, comprehensive measures have been implemented.

    PERN’s proactive efforts have yielded progress, as confirmed by the company’s spokesperson, Katarzyna Krasinskaya, who stated, “Our specialized services have now reached the unsealed section of the western pipeline. Preparatory work to initiate the repair process is currently underway.”

    Addressing concerns about potential environmental impact, local firefighters have unequivocally reassured that there has been no contamination stemming from the leak. As an added precaution, the evacuation of two individuals, occupants of the nearest residence to the leak site, has been enacted.

    PERN, a government-owned entity, is entrusted with the oversight of critical infrastructure, including the management of pipelines responsible for transporting crude oil to Orlen Group refineries located in Plock and Gdansk, as well as servicing two refineries situated in Germany. The company boasts an extensive network, encompassing four crude storage depots and 19 fuel depots across the nation.

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