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    PGE’s New President Assures Continued Operation of Turów Coal Mine and Power Plant

    Dariusz Marzec, the newly appointed president of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, reassured the employees of the Turów Coal Mine and Power Plant regarding the future of their operations. The meeting, attended by representatives from both facilities, aimed to underscore the significance of Turów for the Polish energy sector, ensure the continuation of its activities, and inform about forthcoming steps following the administrative court’s decision regarding the mine’s environmental permit.

    Marzec emphasized that the Turów complex holds paramount importance for PGE and affirmed the company’s commitment to ensuring its smooth and safe functioning. “We are aware of how crucial the Turów energy complex is for the Polish energy system, the region, and all employees,” Marzec stated. “We will rectify past mistakes and undertake all necessary actions to maintain the normal functioning of the Turów Coal Mine and Power Plant with the utmost regard for environmental matters and the safety of the entire region, for as long as it is needed.”

    Addressing concerns surrounding the environmental impact and legal challenges, Marzec expressed confidence in a positive resolution. “We await the written justification of the ruling from the Administrative Court and will take all possible legal steps to defend Turów,” he added optimistically.

    Moreover, Marzec touched upon the plans for energy transformation, stressing the need for a responsible and well-prepared transition away from coal in Turów. “The process of phasing out coal in Turów must be carried out responsibly and adequately prepared to ensure not only Poland’s energy security but also the safety of the region and its inhabitants,” he affirmed.

    During the meeting with Turów Complex employees, Marzec also addressed questions and concerns regarding the recent court ruling, offering clarity and reassurance. The visit to the Turów Complex also provided an opportunity to observe the changes that have occurred in the area since 2016 when Marzec served as the vice president of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, notably the investments made in compliance with environmental regulations and the Polish-Czech agreement.

    The court ruling issued on March 13 by the Administrative Court does not affect the current operations of the Turów Coal Mine. It imposes no restrictions on coal extraction, electricity production, or employment in the Turów complex.

    Marzec’s engagement with the employees and his firm commitment to addressing challenges and ensuring the sustainable operation of the Turów complex reflect PGE’s dedication to navigating the evolving energy landscape while prioritizing environmental responsibility and regional stability.

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