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    Philip Morris International to Invest Over One Billion Polish Zlotys in Tobacco Heated Products Production in Krakow

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    Philip Morris International (PMI) announced a major investment of over one billion Polish zlotys in the production of tobacco heated products at its Krakow facility. During a Tuesday conference, Michał Mierzejewski, PMI’s President, highlighted the company’s commitment to Poland, stating that they have invested nearly 25.5 billion zlotys in the country since 1996.

    Speaking at the conference, Mierzejewski explained PMI’s decision to invest in Krakow, emphasizing the creation of numerous new job opportunities. Specific details of the investment will be disclosed in the coming months. When asked about the distribution market for the tobacco heated products produced in Krakow, Mierzejewski confirmed they would be available both in Poland and international markets.

    PMI is the only international tobacco company planning to phase out traditional cigarettes entirely, replacing them with smoke-free alternatives. Mierzejewski noted the introduction of iqos, a tobacco heating device, in 2016 in Japan and Italy, followed by Poland and various European markets in 2017. He expressed the belief that traditional cigarettes may become museum relics within the next 10-15 years.

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