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    Pioneering Sustainable Living: Miasteczko Siewierz Jeziorna Leading the Way

    Miasteczko Siewierz Jeziorna, Poland’s first urban development project built entirely on sustainable principles, sets a remarkable example for modern, eco-friendly living.

    In the northern fringes of the Katowice Metropolis, Miasteczko Siewierz Jeziorna is shaping the future of sustainable urban living. This innovative project, rooted in cutting-edge, low-emission technologies, aligns seamlessly with the contemporary vision of a sustainable city, offering residents a high quality of life, clean air, and reduced living costs.

    E.ON Polska, a key player in the project, has prepared a Masterplan as a preliminary step toward the energy strategy of Miasteczko Siewierz Jeziorna. Sustainable development is a pivotal pillar of E.ON’s strategy, emphasizing the use of state-of-the-art technologies while respecting the natural environment.

    Amid declining energy demand, the pressure for lower electricity prices and energy resource costs is mounting. Miasteczko Siewierz Jeziorna is preparing for this future by exploring green energy alternatives. The Masterplan outlines a roadmap for transitioning away from fossil fuels and implementing renewable energy sources and community-driven initiatives.

    The goal is ambitious: by 2045, Miasteczko Siewierz Jeziorna aims to meet 72% of its energy needs from renewable sources. Achieving this target requires a series of strategic initiatives and widespread community involvement.

    This visionary urban project, underpinned by data analysis, anticipates the construction of 999 single-family homes and 135 multi-unit buildings by 2045. The living space will cover 366,948 square meters, with an additional 75,068 square meters dedicated to business and services.

    Among the recommended solutions are the development of energy communities, photovoltaics, a public mobility hub, electric vehicle charging stations, and a low-temperature fifth-generation district heating network that supports heat pumps.

    Miasteczko Siewierz Jeziorna’s path to energy self-sufficiency and zero emissions starts with E.ON Polska’s Masterplan, setting a precedent for sustainable urban development in Poland.

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