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    Piotr Żyła Matches Adam Małysz’s Record in Engelberg

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    In the recent Sunday competition in Engelberg, Piotr Żyła exited in the 1st round, yet etched his name in history. His 349th appearance in the individual World Cup event equals Adam Małysz’s record. Despite this achievement, Polish ski jumping faces a crisis, evident in the lackluster performances in this year’s World Cup contests, including the pre-holiday competition in Engelberg.

    Żyła’s Disappointment and Historic Feat

    Among those disappointed in Switzerland was Piotr Żyła, qualifying eighth but finishing 34th with a jump of 127.5 meters. Despite the unsatisfactory result, Żyła made history, matching Adam Małysz’s 349 appearances in the individual World Cup, a milestone noted by Marcin A. Szemraj.

    Żyła’s nearly 18-year journey in the World Cup contrasts with Małysz’s 349 appearances in just over 16 years. However, their achievements diverge significantly, with Małysz, the former Wisła jumper, holding a superior record.

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