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    PKN Orlen Secures Acquisition of Doppler Energie, Expanding Presence in Austria

    Polish company Orlen has successfully signed an agreement with Austrian company Doppler, solidifying their acquisition of Doppler Energie. This strategic move allows Orlen to take over 100% ownership of Doppler Energie, the operator of 266 petrol stations in Austria operating under the Turmöl brand. The conglomerate anticipates that this acquisition will grant them a significant foothold in the Austrian market, capturing 10% of the retail market and 14% of the wholesale market.

    Under the agreement, Orlen will purchase all 266 Turmöl-branded service stations located throughout Austria. However, the completion of the transaction is subject to various conditions, including obtaining the necessary approvals from antitrust authorities, expected to be finalized in the transition between 2023 and 2024.

    While the financial details of the deal were not disclosed, Orlen emphasizes that the terms of the agreement, including payment conditions and price settlement, adhere to industry standards commonly employed in such transactions. This information was conveyed by the company in an official announcement.

    Turmöl currently stands as the third largest chain of petrol stations in Austria, making this acquisition a substantial move for Orlen in expanding its presence in the country.

    Orlen has reported that nearly half of the acquired stations are self-service facilities, providing customers the convenience of purchasing and paying for fuel directly at the dispenser. Moreover, more than 130 stations offer shopping amenities, while approximately 80 stations cater to customers with refreshments. Furthermore, 25 of the acquired stations are equipped with photovoltaic panels, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, the company being acquired by Orlen also operates the Turmstrom brand, which offers a network of electric vehicle chargers with 35 charging points at 29 locations. As part of the acquisition, Orlen will also gain ownership of Austrocard, a provider of fuel cards accepted at over 500 locations in Austria, catering to both private and business customers.

    During an interview, Orlen’s representative, Obajtek, highlighted the significant investment the company is making in the retail sector. However, he clarified that there are no immediate plans for rebranding the acquired stations in Austria. Instead, Orlen aims to prioritize upgrading these stations to meet premium standards before considering any rebranding initiatives.

    It is worth noting that Orlen already operates stations bearing its own logo in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Germany, indicating the company’s expanding regional presence.

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