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    PKP Intercity Announces Tender for Hybrid Trains with Hydrogen Conversion Capability

    PKP Intercity, the Polish interregional railway carrier, has unveiled plans to purchase hybrid trains that can potentially transform from diesel-electric to hydrogen-electric, according to the company’s spokesperson, Cezary Nowak.

    “We aim to have the option to eventually switch one of the drives, for example, from diesel to hydrogen, but only when hydrogen technology becomes more widespread,” stated Nowak.

    Last week, PKP Intercity initiated a tender process for the acquisition of 35 new hybrid traction units. These vehicles, in addition to electric propulsion, will feature a diesel engine for travel on unelectrified sections.

    The first unit is expected to be delivered to the carrier 24 months after signing the agreement with the manufacturer. The trains will be designed for speeds of at least 160 km/h in electric mode and 120 km/h when utilizing the diesel engine.

    The new hybrid traction units will accommodate a minimum of 184 passengers, with 160 in second class and 20 in first class. Additionally, the vehicles will be equipped with four spaces for passengers with disabilities and their companions, as well as a minimum of eight bicycle racks.

    PKP Intercity is a Polish interregional railway carrier that facilitates transportation between major cities, popular tourist destinations, and connects smaller centers with urban areas. The carrier provides travel options through four train categories: Twoje Linie Kolejowe (TLK) and InterCity (IC) for economical connections, while Express InterCity (EIC) and the Pendolino Express InterCity Premium (EIP) offer premium services.

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