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    PKP PLK Plans Upgrade for Lublin-Dorohusk Route

    PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe (PLK) are embarking on a transformative journey with plans to overhaul the Lublin-Dorohusk railway route. This endeavor encompasses a comprehensive pre-project documentation phase, laying the groundwork for the final reconstruction blueprint.

    Enhanced Travel Experience: Faster Connections Await

    The envisioned reconstruction aims to facilitate passenger travel at speeds of no less than 160 km/h and freight transportation at a minimum of 120 km/h. However, the railway authority is considering several investment scenarios, including options to elevate passenger train speeds to 200 km/h.

    Railway authorities anticipate significant reductions in travel time between the border and Lublin, alongside resolving existing issues such as degraded platforms, limited line capacity on single-track sections, and insufficient capacity on the unelectrified line to Zawadówka Naftobaza.

    PLK Invites Bids for Project Execution

    PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe have initiated a tender process, awaiting offers from interested firms to undertake the project. The contract scope encompasses outlining potential timetable schedules, conducting stakeholder consultations, geotechnical surveys, and environmental impact assessments.

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