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    Poland Advances 12th Sanctions Package Against Russia in Brussels

    Poland has taken the initiative by submitting a proposal for a 12th round of sanctions against Russia to the European Commission (EC) in Brussels. This announcement was made by Poland’s Ambassador to the European Union (EU), Andrzej Sados, during a statement to the Polish Press Agency (PAP) on Friday.

    Sados emphasized the growing challenge of achieving unanimity within the European Council concerning the imposition of new restrictions on Russia. He highlighted that Western EU member states are displaying a decreased willingness to endorse additional sanctions against Russia in response to its ongoing incursion into Ukraine.

    Poland’s Ambassador confirmed that Warsaw had officially presented its proposal for the 12th sanctions package aimed at Moscow. The proposal seeks to reinstate sanctions on Russian diamonds while expanding the list of individuals and entities subject to sanctions.

    According to reports from PAP, the European Commission has expressed its intention to commence work on this new sanctions package in mid-November, following the conclusion of the October EU summit.

    Poland’s proposal goes beyond reinstating sanctions on diamonds; it also recommends a ban on the import of LPG from Russia and the prohibition of utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services originating from Russia.

    The overarching goal of the 11th sanctions package, as with the previous measures, was to tighten existing restrictions on Russia, ensuring that they cannot be evaded or circumvented.


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