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    Poland Advances to VNL Semifinals After Defeating Brazil

    Poland defeats Brazil 3-1 in VNL quarterfinals, advancing to the Final Four. Poland – Brazil 3-1 (18-25, 25-23, 25-22, 25-16)

    Poland’s volleyball team triumphed 3-1 over Brazil in the VNL quarterfinals. In the semi-final of the finals held in Łódź, the Poles will face the winner of the Italy-France match. Poland faced top-tier rivals, with Brazil also being one of their group stage opponents at the Paris Olympics. Coach Nikola Grbić, confident after the Olympic draw, fielded a strong lineup, including Wilfredo Leon, Tomasz Fornal, and Bartosz Kurek.

    Overcoming a Tough Start

    The match began with Brazil taking the first set easily. However, the second set was much more balanced, influenced by Brazil’s ineffective serves. Poland’s Fornal and Mateusz Bieniek delivered crucial aces, leveling the match. Poland’s performance peaked in the third set, with Leon’s powerful serves dismantling Brazil’s defense. Despite a late surge by Brazil, Poland maintained their lead.

    In the fourth set, Poland sealed their victory and advanced to the Final Four of the VNL. They will compete for a spot in the final against either Italy or France on Saturday.

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