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    Poland Ascends as a Leader in the Global IT Sector

    Poland is increasingly recognized as a significant player on the global stage in the IT industry, particularly noted for its advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and machine learning. Despite the overall slowdown in the IT sector, there remains a robust demand for professionals like programmers and testers, especially those skilled in these burgeoning technologies. Monika Wiśniewska, Director of Technology at Michael Page, highlights the growing significance of soft skills alongside technical expertise in the industry.

    In recent years, the adoption of cloud technologies has surged, especially in enterprise resource planning systems such as SAP, prevalent in sectors like logistics. This shift towards cloud solutions is part of a broader emphasis on automating processes and enhancing data management, reflecting the sector’s dynamic evolution.

    However, the rapid development of AI and big data presents new challenges, particularly in data security. “The pace of technological advancements is so fast that security measures often struggle to keep up with the protection of data and applications,” Wiśniewska explains. This ongoing issue underscores the critical need for robust security strategies in IT infrastructures.

    The demand for IT professionals continues despite the impact of AI potentially reducing jobs in software development and testing. “There is still a significant need for seasoned professionals and those willing to expand their skills in AI and machine learning,” Wiśniewska advises, suggesting a shift in focus for IT professionals to maintain relevance in the evolving market.

    As remote work becomes more common, the IT industry is increasingly focusing on hybrid work models to support employee mental health. This move is part of a broader recognition of the importance of the human factor in technology, where personal interactions are valued alongside technological interactions. Wiśniewska concludes, “AI offers numerous opportunities, but it also comes with its set of risks, emphasizing the irreplaceable value of human connection in the digital age.”

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