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    Poland Asserts Sovereignty in Domestic Policy Decisions

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    In a recent press conference held in Warsaw, Rafał Bochenek, the spokesperson for Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, and Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, Jacek Ozdoba, made significant statements reaffirming Poland’s commitment to making domestic policy decisions independently. Bochenek boldly declared, “The time for calls from Berlin and Moscow has come to an end.”

    The conference came in response to a revelation by TVP Info that former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk had engaged in a phone conversation with Chancellor Angela Merkel regarding retirement age and demographic factors, months before Poland announced changes to its retirement age. Tusk found Merkel’s suggestions intriguing, emphasizing the potential for a shared retirement policy concept.

    Outcry Over “Scandalous” Notes

    Rafał Bochenek expressed outrage over the leaked notes from a 2011 conversation between Tusk and Merkel, labeling them “scandalous.” He underscored that Poland’s current government, led by PiS, would no longer consult with foreign governments on domestic policy decisions.

    Bochenek asserted that Poland’s current political landscape prioritizes the interests of its citizens above external pressures. He stated that reforms, including the 2012 retirement policy, had been previously coordinated with the German government, but emphasized that the new government prioritizes the welfare of ordinary Poles.

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