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    Poland Commits to Strengthening National Security with New Weapons, Says President Duda

    In a recent statement, President Andrzej Duda of Poland emphasized the nation’s commitment to bolstering its security through the acquisition of new weaponry, clarifying the government’s stance in response to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s previous comments regarding military support for Ukraine.

    Prime Minister Morawiecki had been questioned by private broadcaster Polsat News about Poland’s ongoing military support for Ukraine. In response, he underscored Poland’s focus on modernizing its own armed forces with state-of-the-art weaponry. “We will arm ourselves with the most modern weapons,” Morawiecki affirmed, highlighting the continued significance of the hub in Rzeszów in collaboration with the United States and NATO.

    Government spokesman Piotr Mueller further clarified Poland’s position in an interview with PAP (Polish Press Agency), stating, “Poland is currently fulfilling previously agreed-upon commitments for ammunition and weaponry, including those outlined in contracts with Ukraine.” Mueller also highlighted the substantial contract with Ukraine for the supply of ‘Krab’ self-propelled howitzers, the largest foreign contract inked by the Polish defence industry since 1989.

    Responding to the prime minister’s remarks, President Duda expressed his support for the clarification provided by the government spokesman. He believed that the prime minister’s words had been misconstrued and aimed to set the record straight regarding Poland’s stance on weapon transfers to Ukraine.

    President Duda explained, “The prime minister’s statement pertained to the new weapons Poland is procuring for its own military. In essence, he indicated that the new weaponry, which we are investing billions of dollars in to enhance the capabilities of the Polish Army and fortify Poland’s security, will not be transferred to Ukraine.”

    Duda, who had previously discussed Ukraine’s military needs with the prime minister, underscored their shared viewpoint: “We are aligned in our commitment not to transfer the new weapons we are acquiring, such as the new Abrams tanks, Patriot systems, or HIMARS, to any other entity.”

    Simultaneously, Duda acknowledged Poland’s existing agreements with Ukraine, including the ‘Krab’ delivery contract, ammunition provision, and mine-clearing vehicle arrangements. He clarified that as Poland receives new weaponry from countries like South Korea and the United States, older equipment from its arsenal may become available for transfer to Ukraine, similar to past practices involving post-Soviet weaponry.

    Poland remains steadfast in its dedication to fortifying its national security by investing in cutting-edge military equipment while also honouring existing commitments to its international partners, including Ukraine. The nation’s leaders emphasize the importance of distinguishing between weapons procured for national defence and those designated for export to foreign allies.

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