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    Poland defeats Saudi Arabia and advances to the main round

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    Neither easy nor pleasant was the match for the Polish national team in Spodek, Katowice but eventually a victorious one. The white and red team defeated Saudi Arabia 27:24 (13:12) and qualified for the main round of the World Championships.

    After fighting to the end against France, but also suffering a painful defeat against Slovenia, the Poles were obliged to beat Saudi Arabia. 

    The match was very even and after 10 minutes it was tied 4:4. The white-and-reds started to make some nervous moves, and they also caught unnecessary two-minute exclusions. As a result, the Saudis took advantage of it. In the 20th minute, Poland’s rivals led 9:7.

    At the end of the first half, the Poles were losing to Saudi Arabia. Fortunately, thanks to an effective goal by Szymon Sićka. The Poles ended the first half in the lead (13:12). 

    The second half was equally nervous. The game was even with a momentary more stable lead of the white and red team. The Polish team was forced to control the match until the last moments. As a result, the Poles defeated the Saudis 27:24.

    The Polish team’s attitude certainly does not pour optimism before the start of the main group. The white and red team will face Spain, Montenegro, and Iran. The match against the first of these rivals is on Wednesday, 18 January at 8:30 pm.

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