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    Poland Expands Air Defense Capabilities with New British-Made CAMM iLauncher

    Poland has recently received another British-made iLauncher as part of its efforts to enhance its short- and mid-range air defense systems. The ‘Mała Narew’ short-range air defense system, comprising six iLaunchers equipped with Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM) missiles, is being developed in collaboration with the British branch of MBDA, a leading European missile manufacturer.

    Mariusz Błaszczak, the defense minister, shared the news on Twitter, stating that the latest CAMM iLauncher had arrived in Poland. This significant delivery brings Poland closer to its goal of strengthening its air defense capabilities.

    Poland’s air defense strategy includes the ‘Narew’ short-range air defense system, but to expedite progress, the country signed an agreement for the ‘Mała Narew’ system in April 2022. The contract, valued at approximately PLN 1.65 billion (EUR 375 million), has paved the way for advanced air defense capabilities.

    The comprehensive air defense system in Poland will consist of a mid-range component featuring US-made Patriot missiles, a short-range component comprising Narew missiles, and the Poprad and Pilica missile platforms designed for very short-range defense.

    The iLaunchers have been seamlessly integrated with Polish truck chassis, radar systems, and missile fire control software, further strengthening Poland’s indigenous defense capabilities.

    The remaining two iLaunchers, currently under production in Great Britain, are scheduled to be delivered to Poland in the upcoming autumn, marking another milestone in the nation’s pursuit of robust air defense measures.

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