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    Poland Holds Parliamentary Elections and Referendum

    Today, Poles are participating in parliamentary elections and a national referendum, exercising their democratic right to vote and have their voices heard on important national issues. This significant event is taking place on October 15, 2023, with polling stations that have been opened at 7 AM local time and remain operational until 9 PM. Notably, Poles residing abroad, as well as those on Polish ships, have the opportunity to cast their votes.

    The parliamentary elections, vital for shaping the nation’s legislative future, allow voters to select candidates for both the Sejm (lower house) and the Senate (upper house). Simultaneously, citizens are participating in a nationwide referendum, addressing a crucial matter of national importance. Every eligible citizen, aged 18 and above with active voting rights, can take part in this electoral exercise, regardless of their location within or outside Poland’s borders.

    Finally, over 608,000 Polish citizens residing abroad have registered to vote this year. These voters are expressing their democratic rights through 416 electoral commissions established outside Poland. Additionally, those living abroad can cast their ballots based on previously obtained certificates confirming their right to vote.

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    Moreover, the electoral process has extended beyond the traditional land-based polling stations. In a unique twist, citizens aboard Polish ships, as well as those stationed on four offshore mining and drilling platforms, are also participating in the parliamentary elections.

    The polls will close at 9 PM local time, following which preliminary results will be announced based on exit polls, offering an initial insight into the public’s choices.

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