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    Poland is building Europe’s strongest military says Blaszczak

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    In an interview for Sieci magazine, Poland’s defence minister declared that the country is building the most powerful military force in Europe.

    Mariusz Blaszczak noted that the army’s growth to 300,000 soldiers will be accompanied by the formation of a 50,000-person territorial defense unit. Additionally, he specified that the army will be outfitted with the most advanced weaponry and armor. He mentioned 366 American Abrams tanks and 1,000 South-Korean K2 tanks.

    “This NATO force, comprised of a well-trained and well-equipped army, will be the premier military power in Europe. They will collaborate with the US military stationed in Poland, who possess advanced weaponry and resources,”

    Blaszczak told Sieci.

    According to Blaszczak, the Polish Army is composed of 164,000 personnel, with 13,742 people joining in the past year. This is the highest level since the end of mandatory military service in 2008.

    The minister from Poland stated that it was imperative to modernize their army due to Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine. He warned that if Russia were to be successful, they could potentially target other nations. Consequently, he declared that the Polish Army must be able to prevent any potential aggressor from taking over any part of Poland.

    “No one will come to our aid on a larger scale if we’re unable to defend ourselves,”

    Blaszczak said.

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