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    Poland Joins NATO Allies in Suspending CFE Treaty Due to Russia’s Violations

    Poland has joined its NATO allies in suspending the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE), according to an announcement made by the Polish foreign ministry today. The decision came after members of the North Atlantic Alliance issued a statement, citing Russia’s continuous violations of international law, particularly the CFE Treaty. Russia has failed to fulfill its obligations under the treaty since 2007, prompting this unified response from NATO member countries.

    The CFE Treaty, signed in 1990 and enforced in 1992, aimed to reduce offensive conventional armaments held by NATO and former Warsaw Pact nations. One of its key objectives was to limit the possibility of surprise attacks and large-scale offensive actions by imposing restrictions on armaments and detailing their provisions.

    “In 2022, Russia, in collaboration with Belarus, blatantly violated the prohibition of the use of force against Ukraine, a fellow CFE Treaty member,” stated the Polish foreign ministry on its website. “On November 7 of this year, Russia formally ceased to be a party to this agreement.”

    Given Russia’s consistent violations and its recent aggressive actions, Poland asserted its right to suspend the CFE Treaty indefinitely and entirely. The foreign ministry emphasized that Russia’s actions not only violated the treaty’s provisions but also its underlying principles, culminating in an unlawful and unprovoked war.

    NATO’s decision to suspend the CFE Treaty underscores the alliance’s commitment to upholding international norms and ensuring regional security. As the situation continues to evolve, Poland, along with its allies, remains vigilant in the face of emerging challenges, reaffirming their dedication to a peaceful and stable Europe.


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