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    Poland Plans to Call up 200,000 Reservists for Military Exercises in 2024

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    Poland is preparing to summon up to 200,000 reservists for military exercises in 2024, including individuals who have never worn a military uniform. The duration of these exercises can vary, ranging from one-day drills to longer, up to 90-day rotations with breaks. The length of the training will depend on the set training goals, with an average of around seven days.

    Reservists with various military specialties, such as IT professionals, doctors, veterinarians, and specialized drivers, will be called up based on their mobilization assignments. The military prefers to schedule these exercises on weekends for such individuals.

    Additionally, the army will summon a limited number of people without prior military training but possessing specific skills that are useful for the Armed Forces, with a cap of 3,000 individuals, as it was in 2023.

    Reservists receiving summons must report to a recruitment center and then to a specific military unit. Those unable to do so for health reasons will be directed to regional medical boards. Reservists will be compensated for their participation in the exercises to offset lost wages.

    In previous years, one of the objectives of these calls was to retrain soldiers for different military specialties, primarily those with combat-related expertise, like machine gun operators, grenadiers, and combat equipment and communication operators.

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