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    Poland Remains Vigilant Amidst Rising Hybrid Threat from Eastern Regimes

    Poland’s interior minister, Mariusz Kaminski, recently addressed the ongoing hybrid war being waged against Poland and the European Union by the eastern regimes of Russia and Belarus. During a press briefing in the border town of Krynki, Minister Kaminski highlighted the growing migration pressure and the presence of Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group beyond the Polish-Belarusian border, emphasizing that Poland is ready to counter any provocations or incidents arising from this situation.

    Minister Kaminski began by disclosing the scale of the migration challenge, reporting that there have been approximately 17,000 attempts to illegally cross Poland’s border this year alone. Despite the significant number, the Polish Border Guard has successfully thwarted these attempts, with 100 to 150 people being stopped every day. Moreover, Kaminski expressed concerns about the presence of Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group on the border, warning that they pose a real danger to Poland’s security.

    Minister Warns of Dangerous Mercenaries in Belarus

    “We are dealing with people who are undoubtedly very dangerous. Some of them ended up in Belarus as a result of political agreements concluded between the Russians and the Belarusian regime. We’re watching these people, we’re clear on where they are and what they’re going to do,”

    he said.

    The minister stated that there are currently between 1,000 and 1,200 mercenaries in Belarus, with the majority stationed at the Asipovichy training ground, while a smaller group is present near Brest at the Sahara training ground. These mercenaries, Kaminski explained, are former criminals released from Russian prisons, individuals with blood on their hands who previously fought against Ukrainians while imprisoned. Some of them have ended up in Belarus through political agreements between Russia and the Belarusian regime.

    Despite the danger posed by these mercenaries, Minister Kaminski reassured the public that Poland is well-prepared for various scenarios. He praised the efforts of Polish officers, soldiers, and border guards who diligently protect the nation’s border, ensuring the safety of the people living in the region.

    Minister Contemplates Border Closure with Belarus amid Wagner Group Threat – Joint Action with Baltic Allies Discussed

    When asked about the possibility of closing all border crossings with Belarus, Kaminski acknowledged that various options are being considered. He mentioned that Poland is in communication with its Baltic neighbours, Lithuania, and Latvia, as they also face similar provocations. Should serious incidents involving the Wagner Group occur on the borders of NATO and EU countries, such as Poland, Lithuania, or Latvia, Kaminski asserted that joint action would be taken to respond effectively.

    “We are in contact with friends from Lithuania and Latvia because they are also exposed to similar provocations. Undoubtedly… should there be serious incidents involving the Wagnerites on the borders of Nato and EU countries, such as like Poland, Lithuania or Latvia, we will undoubtedly take action together,”

    he said.

    “And I do not rule out that if we decide that this is the right response at the moment, we will bring about the complete isolation of Belarus and the Belarusian regime must be aware of this,”

    Kamiński added.

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