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    Poland Signs Contract to Upgrade PILICA+ Air Defense Systems

    July 4, 2024 marked the signing of another significant agreement enhancing Poland’s defense capabilities with the PILICA+ anti-aircraft missile-artillery systems.

    Under this new contract, Poland will receive logistical support, training packages, and a Laboratory Equipment suite to maintain and operate twenty-one PILICA+ Rocket-Artillery Systems (RAS). The contract, valued at approximately 1.4 billion PLN gross, spans deliveries from 2024 to 2029.

    The PILICA+ systems will serve as primary anti-aircraft defense for the Polish Air Force’s Air Defense Forces, complementing short and medium-range air defense systems at low altitudes. They will also bolster the defense of the WISŁA missile systems.

    The PILICA+ RAS includes short-range missile launchers with CAMM missiles, BYSTRA radars, and various artillery and communication subsystems. Future upgrades aim to enhance capabilities against unmanned aerial vehicles.

    Poland plans to augment its military budget in 2025, reflecting its commitment to bolstering national defense amidst evolving security challenges.

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