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    Poland Urges Immediate Withdrawal of Wagner Mercenaries and Illegal Migrants from Belarus

    Poland’s interior minister, Mariusz Kaminski, has called for the swift departure of Wagner mercenaries and illegal migrants from Belarus, asserting the escalating pressure on Poland’s border due to the influx of migrants attempting to enter the country. These concerns were central to discussions held on Monday between Minister Kaminski and counterparts from the Baltic states.

    Kaminski emphasized that the recent surge in border tensions was exacerbated by the presence of thousands of Wagner Group mercenaries stationed in Belarus. He underscored the urgency of addressing these issues to restore stability in the region.

    According to Kaminski, “To restore tranquility along our border with Belarus, two critical actions are imperative. We insist that the Lukashenko regime promptly orders the withdrawal of the Wagner Group from Belarus. Additionally, we call for the immediate relocation of illegal migrants, who have been orchestrated by Belarusian security services, away from the border area, and their safe repatriation to their countries of origin.”

    The Wagner Group, a Russian private military organization led by the late Yevgeny Prigozhin, notably engaged in a 24-hour rebellion against Russian military commanders. The conflict concluded with the intervention of Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, who mediated between Prigozhin and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Consequently, Prigozhin and his forces agreed to find refuge in Belarus rather than advancing on Moscow.

    Tragically, Yevgeny Prigozhin and his advisor Dmitry Utkin lost their lives in a recent private jet crash in western Russia. The circumstances surrounding their demise have raised speculation and questions within international circles.


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