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    Poland’s Ambitious Aspirations: Can It Overtake England and France?

    Jarosław Kaczyński, the President of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party and Deputy Prime Minister, has declared that Poland could potentially overtake economic giants like England and France within the next eight years if his party retains power. These remarks were made during a recent campaign visit to Elbląg in northern Poland, as the nation gears up for parliamentary elections scheduled for October 15.

    Kaczyński’s statement came during a meeting with PiS supporters, where he outlined the party’s vision for Poland’s future. He stated, “As our program is for eight years, in eight years, the list of countries that have been caught up with or overtaken will be long and perhaps there will be countries such as England or even France.”

    This assertion raises several questions about the feasibility of such an ambitious goal and how the PiS government intends to achieve it.

    Economic Growth and International Standing

    Kaczyński’s statement hints at Poland’s impressive economic growth and development in recent years. Poland has indeed made substantial strides since the fall of communism in the late 20th century, transforming from a struggling post-communist state into one of the European Union’s most robust economies. However, overtaking economic powerhouses like England and France remains a considerable challenge.

    England and France boast economies that are significantly larger than Poland’s, with more developed industries and infrastructure. To bridge this gap, Poland would need to sustain its current economic growth rate, attract foreign investments, and undertake structural reforms in various sectors.

    Geopolitical Considerations

    Kaczyński also mentioned the possibility of Poland overtaking Germany and other European nations. While Poland’s geopolitical importance within Europe cannot be denied, surpassing Germany, the European Union’s economic powerhouse, would require a monumental leap in economic and industrial development. This could only be realized through sustained investments, innovation, and cooperation with international partners.

    Domestic Policy and International Relations

    The PiS government’s claim that they are “ensuring a safe future for Poles” in terms of defence, economics, and internal order highlights their commitment to governance and security. To fulfil such promises, the government must balance economic growth with social welfare and ensure that Poland remains a stable and attractive destination for businesses and investors.

    Kaczyński acknowledged the scepticism that existed three decades ago when candidates from Elbląg proposed achieving parity with Western countries. Today, Poland is undoubtedly closer to that goal, but reaching the level of countries like England, France, or Germany will necessitate not only economic growth but also social and political stability.

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